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Advantages of automation

Advantages of automation If you’re in the trading world, you must have heard, pretty many times, about the importance of discipline. They always say that you must have [...]

Advantages of using custom indicators

Advantages of using custom indicators I decided in this article to tackle the problem of custom indicators. Custom indicators are very important in trading, as they are not [...]

Candlestick Patterns

[tabs tab1="Bullish" tab2="Bearish" tab3="Neutral" layout="horizontal" backgroundcolor="" inactivecolor=""][tab id=1] HIGH RELIABILITY [one_fourth last="no"]Bullish Abandoned Baby[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"]Bullish Kicking[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"]Concealing Baby Swallow[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="yes"]Mat Hold[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"]Morning Doji Star[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"]Morning Star[/one_fourth][one_fourth last="no"]Piercing Line[/one_fourth][one_fourth [...]

JForex quick programming guide

As pointed in a previous article, Dukascopy’sJForex platform is vastly superior over MetaTrader4/MetaTrader5, as its main features are: Event based trading, barely introduced in MetaTrader 5, but lacking [...]