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Dukascopy broker review

Hosted at is the website of what is known as the Dukascopy forex broker. Althown known simply as Dukascopy, it’s actually a financial group, composed of Dukascopy [...]

About pips and lots

Let’s do a bit a of maths. Probably you heard about ‘pips’ and ‘lots’, but here we’ll explain how these are calculated. You must be careful about knowing [...]

White Spinning Top

WHITE SPINNING TOP Explanation: In the case of a White Spinning Top single candlestick pattern, the market moves either above then quickly under the opening level, or vice [...]

White Opening Marubozu

WHITE OPENING MARUBOZU Explanation: The White Opening Marubozu is a single candlestick pattern. The candlestick has a white body with no shadow at the opening but with a [...]