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Two Crows

TWO CROWS Explanation: The  Two Crows pattern appears on a bullish market, the first day representing a long white real body and the second opening with a gap [...]


THRUSTING Explanation: The Thrusting pattern forms on a down trending market and reveals the failure of completing a rally on the bearish market. Because the real white body [...]

Three White Soldiers

THREE WHITE SOLDIERS Explanation: The Three White Soldiers pattern appears when the market stayed for too long at a low price. The market continues to go downward and [...]

Three Stars in the South

THREE STARS IN THE SOUTH Explanation: The Bullish Three Stars in the South pattern reveals a downtrend that slows down. Price movement is decreasing to lower and lower [...]

Three River

THREE RIVER BOTTOM Explanation: The Three River Bottom pattern first appears through the formation of a long black candle on a down trending market. The second day’s opening [...]

Three Outside Up

THREE OUTSIDE UP Explanation: The initial two days of this pattern form a Bullish Engulfing pattern. The third day of the Bullish Three Outside Up pattern confirms the [...]