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We create automated trading systems,

technical indicators and other tools for your trading!

We provide programming and consulting services for the financial field, and are able to deliver a wide spectrum of trading solutions, from simple tasks such as technical indicators, to complex works covering both discretionary trading tools based on graphical interfaces, as well as automated trading robots. For our products. We already have clients from several countries, and we expect to enlarge our client base with the launch of our programming services.

Our services include

  • Create new technical indicators or enhance existing ones

  • Start from scratch, enhance or do any other modifications to expert advisors or scripts

  • Design and insert interface elements in your MetaTrader files to increase their usability

  • Platform migration to/from Jforex, NinjaTrader, etc.

  • Create visual trading tools adequate to your style

  • Data mine the markets according to your needs

  • Bridge MetaTrader to 3rd party software

Our team consists of competent engineers, programmers and also of experienced financial market traders,
therefore we develop high quality tools by knowing exactly what resources an active trader needs to facilitate their work.

Why choose us?

  • Our customer service is fast and efficient we try to respond within same business day.

  • We can start working on your project almost immediately. No queues or delays.

  • All our work comes with guarantee and after-sale support is free.

  • By working with us you not only get professional developers, but also people with vast knowledge of financial markets and algorithms. Our experience guarantees that we understand your needs. We had plenty of clients coming to us after trying general developers, they were amazed how easier it is to work and communicate with us.

Request Form:

Please use the form below to request us a quote for your project. State every possible detail to estimate a proper cost and completion time.

How does it work?

1. Fill in the blanks in the above form with as many details as possible about the project (how it works, what it does, rules, conditions, etc) so that we may understand better what the work is about.

2. Wait 24-48 hours to be contacted by someone from the team.

3. If they didn’t understand the requirements, they will send a mail with their questions, and the discussion will continue until the team will have a clear representation of the work ahead.

4. When the details are assembled together and the team fully understands the project, you will be offered a price and a deadline for the completion of the work.

All products developed by us are subject to a period of free support
and debugging, communicated within the price offer.