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General Expert Advisor

I. Installation

Placing the file

In order to install the expert you have to copy it in the “Experts” folder.
To get there, you have to open the MetaTrader 4 platform, and (1) from the File menu, (2) pick the option “Open Data Folder”.

In the newly appeared window, simply double click on the MQL4 folder and again on the Experts folder (3).

In this folder copy the expert using Paste (right click and Paste) or using the CTRL+V shortcut(4).

Warning !!! The Experts folder is not different (always MQL4/Experts) depending on the place where the platform was installed. Same goes if you use the platform with the –portable option. It will still be MQL4/Experts, however the path will go thru the installation path of the platform, instead of the alternate thru AppData.

II. Activation

Allowing the EA to communicate with our license server

In order to run our products, you have to allow them to communicate with our licensing server. You won`t be able to use them without allowing this.

To allow them to communicate with the licensing server, simply go to the Expert Advisors tab situated in the window accessible from the Tools menu (5), the Options tab(6).


Here, once you`re at the Expert Advisors tab (7), place a checkmark on the “Allow WebRequest for listed URL:” option (8), then click on “Add New URL…” option and add our site ( ) (9). Push OK. From this moment, the EA can communicate with our licensing server and can be added on the chart.


Running the expert

To run the expert from the platform, simply double click the expert you wish to run in the Navigator window.installation_license_email_and_license_key

In the open window, click on the Inputs tab and fill in the License Email and the License Key fields with the info received by mail after you buy the product.

If you don`t have this info, press OK and you will benefit a Trial period for testing our product.

If you like this product, don`t hesitate to buy it.

Good Luck in your trading!