GridEA for MetaTrader 4

GridEA for MetaTrader 4 2017-01-14T10:38:23+00:00

  • Two grid system modes – trend grids and range grids

  • Ability to open orders at equally distanced price levels

  • Exit and entry signals no longer necesary

  • Trade limiting settings included

  • Ability to open buy orders above the price/sell orders below the price

  • Range grids included (for simultaneous opening of orders at every level, above and below the price)

  • Automated verification of already open grids upon startup

  • Automated verification or broken price levels whenever a price is modified

  • Automated deletion of opposite pending levels + automated addition of new levels in the direction of the trade

  • Real time price movement tracking

  • Variety of useful parameters – for risk control, minimizing losses, maximizing profits and more

Product Description

QB-GridEA is a trading tool with functionalities based on grid trading systems – automated systems which are able to open orders at equally distanced price levels.

The tool requires no entry or exit signals, is independent from indicators, and works in two modes, thanks to the two types of grid systems – trend grids and range grids.

Like all Qubbit software, QB-GridEa features fast installation and activation. The interface is clear and intuitive. We developed this tool by means of extensive testing with various brokers, so the parameters we’ve added are designed to make your trading life easy in the real-world market.

We’ve enhanced the software with several parameters that deal with different functions, for better control and a more seamless interaction with the trading environment. You can get more detailed info about each of the parameters by visiting the product documentation page.

GridDelay, for example, is a new function added so that you can trade while using a step smaller than the GridStep allows.

We recommend you pick your broker by taking the system into account – considering its limitations will yield the best results. To start your free trial, click the green Trial button above.


If you encounter any troubles with the installation or activation visit the installation/activation documentation.