How to update MetaTrader platform

How to update your MT4 platform

This article has the role to show you how to upgrade the MT4 to the latest version, but also to explain why it is necessary to keep the platform up to date.

Surely, some of you met before cases when the same program (expert/script/indicator) ran on multiple brokers has a different behavior than the one expected by you, as it probably works on a broker and it doesn’t work on another. One of the reasons for different behavior may also be the version of the MT4 platform.

[title size=”2″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Why is it important to have the latest MT4 build ?[/title]

It is important to have the MT4 platform up to date because this is the only way to enjoy the latest features, but also the latest bug corrections compared to the version you currently use.

Many brokers don’t send platform update requests a long time after MetaQuotes, the producer of the platform, issues a new update. We do not know the reason, but as software producing firm we tell you that there is no software without bugs and therefore it’s necessary to have the software updated especially to have the bugs corrected.

In order to have the MT4 platform updated you just have to restart the platform. The process is the following. At each login to the broker’s trade center, the platform asks the server if there is a new MT4 version available. If it is, the update is done automatically ; after the update, the platform restarts itself so that the update takes effect.

As we said above, the brokers don’t always update the platform to the latest version. At some brokers, the number of the build is 2 – 4 updates behind MetaQuotes. Recently, MetaQuotes is releasing about one update every 2 – 6 weeks, so we may say the brokers offer a platform 2 – 4 months older.

[title size=”2″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]How do I see what platform build do I have ?[/title]

In order to verify what platform version you have, simply click on the About option from the Help menu. You will see a window similar to the picture below:


Section 1 will display the broker logo, followed to the right, in Section 2, by information about its name, address, and website.

Section 3 contains the number of the build but also its official launch date. We underlined with red so that’s easier to see.

[title size=”2″ content_align=”left” style_type=”default” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]How do I force the platform to update ?[/title]

If the broker that you are trading with doesn’t offer the latest official version you may ask for the latest official version from MetaQuotes. In order to do that, the actual platform, the one offered by the broker, must connect to the MetaQuotes’ trading server.

To do this, in the Navigator window click on Accounts (1) and in the newly open window select the option “Open an Account” (2).


After you did this, you will see a window like this one below. In field (1) write “MetaQuotes” and push Enter. In that moment the platform will look for the MetaQuotes server and will display it in the address list.

Then select the MetaQuotes-Demo server (2) and click on the Next button.


After you clicked on Next you will see a form that will allow you to register with the MetaQuotes server, identically with the one that you filled in when you first installed MT4 on your computer.

In this form you have to select the option “New demo account” and then push the Next button. Fill in the next window appeared and then push again Next. You will have the account data in the newly appeared window.

Now in the Navigator window you will have 2 accounts: the one of your broker and the one newly created on MetaQuotes-Demo server.

When you connect to the MetaQuotes account, if there is a new version of the platform available, you will see this in the Journal tab of the Terminal window, like in the picture below:


After the platform has downloaded the update it’s necessary to allow it to restart. At restart, the platform will start a bit harder than usual, because it installs the update.

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If you run experts on VPS servers we recommend you to restart the server and the platform once per week. It’s necessary to restart the server because time to time there are memory or resource management issues after a long use of the operating system.

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