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QB DataExporter Documentation

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If you encounter any troubles with the installation or activation visit the installation/activation documentation.

I. How to use.

The window is divided in three areas.
Each of these areas has two data fields that have to be filled with the interval for which the user wants to export the data.


Area 1 is used for exporting data about trades : positions, deals, order history:

Area 2 is used for market data export. In order to export the data, the user has to complete the export interval, symbol and timeframe. The Series option has to be checked to have the data ordered descending by the timestamp.
Finally, the Export Prices button will do the export.

Area 3 is used for indicator data export. The user has to select the desired indicator, has to select the interval and the symbol, and the other parameters which are indicator-related. The Series option will be used for having the data ordered descending by the timestamp. The Export Data button will export the data. Upon pushing the button, the program will generate a csv file with the name mentioned in the message given to the user when the operation is completed.