TradeManager for MetaTrader 5

TradeManager for MetaTrader 5 2017-02-01T15:54:36+00:00

  • Graphical intuitive interface

  • One-click opening of positions and orders

  • One-click closing of positions

  • One-click order deletion

  • Close and reverse ability, usable as scalping tool

  • Modification of orders and positions

  • Calculator for Stop Loss, Take Profit and Volume

  • Control risk per each position and order

  • Instant execution

Product Description

QB-TradeManager is a tool (Expert Advisor) which can be used to offer traders the facility of an easier trade management.
This tool is divided in 3 categories totalizing 7 interfaces: Positions (open, modify, close), Orders (open, modify, close) and Risk Info.

The installation and activation of the product can be done in a moment, and its utilization is intuitive, as user friendly as possible.

QB-TradeManager was developed to ease the placing or closing of positions and orders. It’s based on the one click trading principle and a simple, yet well implemented, principle of money management. This way each trader can place his/her positions in no time, and gaining a larger profit from the reduced amount of time.

In moments with high volatility (when forex sessions overlap), the tool can play an important role in profit maximization.

QB-TradeManager comes to the aid of all types of traders: from the technical trader calculating each investment (using the Risk Info function for money management) to the scalper living intensively each trade (using the Close and Reverse function).

Our programmers have implemented formulas that efficiently underlie the principal money management elements such as : stop loss, take profit, volumes, margins, target, risk. All these elements can be calculated function of balance, equity or money.


If you encounter any troubles with the installation or activation visit the installation/activation documentation.