X&O The Ultimate Scalper for MetaTrader 4

X&O The Ultimate Scalper for MetaTrader 4 2017-02-01T15:24:45+00:00

  • Graphical intuitive interface

  • Fully Automated Strategy

  • Graphical Point and Figure

  • 2 Graphs in One Chart

  • Two Strategies in One EA: Trend or Range

  • Hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit levels

  • Close and Reverse Ability, can be use as Scalping Tool

  • Control Risk for Each Position

  • Trading Setup on Different Time Intervals

  • Maximum Spread Condition for Execution

  • Real Time Mode / Back Testing Mode

Product Description

Point and figure (X&0) strategy is a very common strategy used on the futures market. It is also called dot line graphs.

Graph formation:

  • An instrument with a higher daily price variation is selected
  • The oscillation size is established: the variation after which a transaction will be initiated regardless of the type (buy or sell).
  • If the price goes up by the oscillation value, we will mark with an “x” the interval from the start of the transaction to the end of the variation interval. If the price goes above this interval, then we will initiate a new transaction in the direction of the trend, again marking with an “x” the variation interval.If the price doesn’t reach the upper limit of the variation interval, then we will close the transaction by a stop loss order at the level of the previous variation interval. Once we have closed this transaction on a loss we will initiate another one in the opposite direction of the last transaction. We will follow the same process as in the case of a negative variation. We will mark with an “o” the descending variation intervals.
  • According to those mentioned above a new graph will be formed using these variations already established. An Excel spreadsheet can be used for better keeping track of the trading levels.


  • It follows the price movements only;
  • The most important thing is to choose a suitable price oscillation size – chosen depending on the daily average variation of an instrument;
  • The minimal price fluctuation is determined by “X and O markings” on the graph;
  • An intraday analysis can be used


  • This strategy is very effective for financial instruments with a higher volatility and with larger variation. It is preferable to use this strategy in situations when there already is a clear trend. Although they are effective in range situations also, the profit rate is lower and the validity of the variation interval value needs to be checked.

If you encounter any troubles with the installation or activation visit the installation/activation documentation.