Martingale and random trading

Martingale and random trading Martingale is an age old “money management” system, that originated as a betting system in 18th century France. The idea behind it is simple: allow the trader to have huge, exponential growing drawdown, in order to regain lost capital ; the betting system rule is to double the stake when you [...]

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The Three Moving Averages System

The Three Moving Averages System The Three Moving Averages System can be viewed as an upgrade of the Simple Moving Average Cross system, which attempts to filter out whipsaws by introducing an extra moving average, the middle moving average. Direction itself is established at the cross of the middle moving average with the slow or [...]

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How to update MetaTrader platform

[title size="1" content_align="left" style_type="default" sep_color="" class="" id=""]How to update your MT4 platform[/title]This article has the role to show you how to upgrade the MT4 to the latest version, but also to explain why it is necessary to keep the platform up to date. Surely, some of you met before cases when the same program (expert/script/indicator) [...]

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Advantages of automation

Advantages of automation If you’re in the trading world, you must have heard, pretty many times, about the importance of discipline. They always say that you must have a plan and you must stick to it, in order to succeed. And if you have become a pretty good discretionary trader, just with a problem of [...]

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Introduction to grid trading system – Part I

Introduction to grid trading system - Part I I decided for this article to dwelve into the most mysterious grid trading systems. Grid trading systems are less known, because their application is stranger compared to regular trading systems. Most of them will be indicatorless, therefore not relying on information from the market under the form [...]

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Advantages of using custom indicators

Advantages of using custom indicators I decided in this article to tackle the problem of custom indicators. Custom indicators are very important in trading, as they are not only a means to generate signals, but a means of understanding the charts and tracking the moves of the market. This psychological process that occurs for both [...]

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